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Wedding Ring Gallery 

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Scallop Setting

Our take on a 

The Scallop Setting half set wedding ring with round brilliant cut diamonds is a very unique designed piece.


Similar to the classic Claw Setting, the Scallop setting gives exposure to the diamonds. What makes this ring unique & special is its extravagant design that displays the stones from the top, and also, the lateral angles of the ring allowing more light to go through.


A unique ring for a particularly special occasion. 


The Micro Setting

Pinched Shape To Fit

The pinched shape to fit ring with round brilliant cut diamonds in microsetting are specially made to match a beautiful Engagement Ring.


The soft curve of the setting works as a skirt of shine that enhances the look of the engagement ring even more. Additionally, this is a versatile piece, as it can be perfectly worn by itself. 


Rubover / Bezel


The bezel setting is a type of setting that surrounds and holds the centre stone using a continuous band of metal. The setting, also known as a rubover, holds the gem with a projecting lip that overlaps the edges of the stone. Only the crown of a bezel-set gem is exposed.

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