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Design & Create 

Your very own bespoke jewellery 




At the beginning of a bespoke commission we like to spend time getting to know you personally by discussing your likes, dislikes and getting to know your style.

The Process 

We will guide you through certain styles that will match your criteria wether it be traditional or contemporary. 

Our job is to make sure we've covered every single option for any budget you may have whilst sharing our passion for jewellery-making with you.





From design to functions & durability our team will take you through a step by step process giving you the best jewellery knowledge from years of experience handcrafting jewellery. 




Diamonds & Gemstones 


Once we know your stone specification we will

hand-select and assess them individually by making sure the specifications match to your demand. 

Here at The Little Gem Bespoke Jewellery we always look for the perfect alignment of facets and angles in a diamond, this maximises how a diamond reflects, refracts and disperses light. This not only represents the quality of a diamond but results in its ultimate sparkle. 


There is no obligation to leave a deposit if you are not 100% sure once you have viewed your stones. It takes time & our process is never rushed. 





A sketch 

by hand

Following the initial meeting, our jewellery designer will sit down & start to sketch out all your thoughts

and ideas by hand. 

We’ll then settle on an idea to develop into a final design. 

Once the design is finalised we will send you a quote which includes a design spec. As we have discussed budgets throughout the process, the quote should be as close to your budget as possible. 

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