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Engagement Rings

Discover our finest collection of engagement rings, We have an unlimited selection of designs and ideas to create the perfect engagement ring.

You can rely on our skill and expertise while you plan your perfect proposal. 


The Perfect Proposal 

To compliment our wedding ring collection we have developed a beautiful and inspiring range of engagement rings. With a variation of both traditional and contemporary designs we believe our collection of engagement rings caters for every taste and budget.

We design and make all of our rings using only the finest diamonds and gem stones. You can design your own ring and pick your own diamond specifications, this enables you to select the perfect ring but yet keep within your ideal price range. You have the option to choose a traditional diamond engagement ring or alternatively a coloured gem stone engagement ring which could potentially be more affordable. Both will ensure great durability and longevity and both will pair beautifully with all precious metals. 

"With the luxury of being able to compose your own ring, the potential is endless".

You can even bring in a collection of designs on your phone and we can guide you in the right direction to bring your images to life. Overall our priority is to create your desired ring. 

Both can even be showcased together for example in a trilogy style ring which consists of 3 stones which could be a ruby in the middle and diamonds either side. Ultimately it comes down to personal taste and style as every diamond and gemstone holds its own unique beauty.  


Engagement Ring Gallery

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