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Bespoke shape to fit

All our shape to fit wedding rings are produced and made in our own workshop which gives us the ability to shape the wedding ring against your engagement ring


At The Little Gem we specialise in hand made wedding rings to compliment and fit all shapes and styles of an engagement ring. No matter how different your engagement ring is you don’t need to worry as our bespoke fitting service will be able to create a wedding ring to match or compliment it perfectly.


When considering a shaped wedding ring there are numerous options to think about for example:

  • Whether it’s to softly curve around the contours of the engagement ring?

  • Whether it’s a cutout jigsaw design to fit into and look as one piece?

  • Will you have to take off your engagement ring for work or particular occasions?

  • Will a cut out design look like it's missing a piece if not worn together all the time?


All this information will ensure we tailor it to suit your personal preferences. With endless choices and designs, we are confident we can find your perfect match.

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