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Explore The Little Gems’ captivating earring collection, ranging from classic everyday stud earrings right through to show-stopping statement pieces.


Earrings from The Little Gem, Find the perfect staple pieces for your jewellery box with our beautiful collection of earrings. Whether you're looking for classic diamond studs, plain white gold hoop earrings or statement drop designs, find your perfect pair with our beautifully made earrings in the finest precious metals.


Here at The Little Gem our Goldsmith and jewellery specialists are on hand to give you the best advice and we will go the extra mile to make your piece the finest quality it can be.


Tell us your budget that you have in mind and we will source you the perfect precious gemstone or diamond to incorporate with your earring design. When it comes to intricate designs we can also simply sketch your design giving you a few different views and angles at no added extra cost, giving you the best bespoke experience we can offer here at The Little Gem.


Classic Gemstone Stud Earrings


We believe that elegance and simplicity are the key design codes we follow to create stud earrings. A pair of exceptional natural gemstones are ethically sourced, selected by a trained eye and precisely matched by us at The Little Gem to ensure a harmonious and balanced pair.

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