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Signet Ring's

Personalise with crests, monograms & initials.

With our Hand-Engraving techniques - create your very own artwork with a personal statement. 



Signet rings are traditionally oval shaped flat rings with a raised or engraved design.

These rings were used to sign documents by pressing the ring into wax to create the image of the engraved design. 

The use of signet rings dates back to ancient Egyptian times, where they were originally carved in stone and pottery. Today, as signet rings are no longer used to seal documents, their designs have become more ornate. 


Signet rings are still seen as symbols of family heritage as they often have a monogram, family crest or a coat of arms.

They are often bought as popular graduation presents, and then passed down as family heirlooms and worn for their stylishness. 


There is no correct finger for a signet ring as it can be made to fit any finger the wearer chooses. Traditionally signet rings are worn on the pinkie finger of your non-dominant hand, your left hand if you write with your right hand. 

However, how you wear a signet ring is up to the wearer, as modern signet rings can be worn as a wedding ring or even as a statement ring. So there is no "right" way on how to wear a signet ring.  


Crests, Initials & Monograms

Your Canvas

Your signet ring is a blank canvas ready for you to personalise.


Traditional method's & techniques are used, creating symbol's for identity. Hand-engraving techniques are used but 

please remember you do not have to engrave your signet ring straight away.


Wait until there maybe a special moment in your life that you may want remembering, wether it's a special birthday or graduation. Your signet ring can be passed down as family heirlooms. 




Hand Engraved 

Oval Pendant 

Each pendant can be customised to the max with endless complex design's.


Every pendant is made with a satisfying depth & weight. Dimension's can be 16mm x 12mm to larger 24mm x 19mm. 

Our pendant's can be hand engraved on both sides, creating a personal message or symbol. 

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