Whether it be for a special occasion or just in need of a

re-fresh, at The Little Gem we provide a watch polishing service like no other...  

What we do...

  • Case Polishing


  • Case and Bracelet Polishing


  • Case and Clasp Polishing


  • Hand Finishing


  • Satin Finish


  • High Mirror Finish


  • Sandblast Finish

Our pricing for watch polishing starts from £40.00 & above, (dependant on the time & work needed).


We will always like to make our own examination & inspect your watch before going ahead with our polishing service.


(Any faults with the watch are noted & brought to the attention of the owner) 


How do we remove scratches from your watch?


Here at The Little Gem we have extensive knowledge and necessary tools to polish watches profesionally and remove all scratches including deep cuts to bring the look of your watch as close to the day you bought it.

Whether it's a stainless steel watch, a gold watch or a plated watch the techniques are the same.


We like to go the extra mile and achieve as high a mirror finish as possible on your watch. For this we use compounds, mops & parachute silk as a final buffing wheel.

Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning


Are you aware that regular professional cleaning will prolong the lifespan, remove odour and restore the appearance of your watch?


At the first stages of cleaning the watch we can either leave the watch as one & clean it or ideally for the best cleaning results remove the bracelet from the case. 


We use a jewellery ultrasonic to  bath the bracelet making sure any hard to reach areas are clear of any dirt. We clean the case, the bezel, crown and the buttons. ​Every bracelet is refitted with care to the casing. 

Types Of Finish's On A Watch Case & Bracelet


We aren't just experts at cleaning rings & other types of jewellery we are also experts at polishing gold, silver, platinum and steel watches. 

Applying the correct finishes to the watch. 


Most watches have what we call a highly polished, or a mirror finish.

Meaning the metal we has to be as reflective and smooth as possible.


Another finish that is very common on most watches is a grained or brushed finish, which is where there are deliberate scratches made in the metal in one direction. 










Just some of the brands we work on

For further queries please enquire with us at or contact via the website, we will be able to respond to any questions you have. 

Our Watch Polishing Service takes approximately 1-2 days dependant on the work required.